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Hillary's Video Voters Guide Statement

Hillary's Video Voters Guide Statement

Hillary understands the role of the courts in addressing structural injustices. She has focused her legal career on advancing the needs of vulnerable children and youth. She’s running for judge because she believes those behind the bench need to not only honor the dignity of every person, but must also recognize and fix systemic failures of our legal system.

"As the King County Superior Court looks to the future, we must remember our core values by combating discrimination, acknowledging the impact of income inequality on people, and actively participating in community conversations about justice.”

  -  Hillary Madsen

Statement from Incumbent Judge Theresa Doyle:

"When I decided to retire from the court this year, I was hoping there would be a candidate for my seat, position 13, who would carry on my work in criminal justice, racial justice, and juvenile decarceration. And there was! Hillary and I met years ago when I was working on legal financial obligations (LFO) reform for Minority Justice Commission and Hillary was doing the same for juveniles. Hillary was enormously successful in LFO reform legislation for juveniles.  Now serving in juvenile court, I think of her whenever I am able to waive onerous LFOs for our young people." 


 - Judge Theresa Doyle, the incumbent judge in Position 13 of King County Superior Court, who announced her retirement this year and endorsed Hillary for that position


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