My parents taught me a deep respect and love for the law. A story in my family is that when I was a little girl, someone asked me whether I wanted to be a public defender like my dad or a judge like my mom, Barbara Madsen. I answered: a lawyer of course, because lawyers get to argue.


I am proud of the arguments that I have been able to make as a lawyer:




I started my legal career in the big skyscrapers in downtown Seattle representing corporations and I have worked for government, a legal nonprofit, and a small, neighborhood-based law firm. I have practiced in every sector of law and in every arena – the state legislature, administrative courts, trial courts and appellate courts – so I know from personal experience the system could work better.


I am running for judge because I believe reform is possible; reform is necessary; and judges are uniquely positioned to help because they see the issues that people face and they administer the justice system.


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